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Poster: rdenirojb87 Date: Dec 19, 2011 5:45pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 1969-12-26, Thanks For Being Late Bill. Acoustic Dead Rules!

Well it had been almost a month since I stopped listening to the boys (except a few times when others have been listening in my company), and I needed my fix. Though I love every member of the Dead, it really struck me how much I missed Jerry and Phil. Yesterday I put on the Other One suite from 3/1/69, and now I'm stuck in a '68 - '69 rut like I often have been in the past.

What was micah right about? I must have missed something. I thought holidays generally saw increases in activity here as well. This place was hoppin' around Thanksgiving if I remember correctly.

"just an observation; the notion that without the regulars posting "regularly", it really does grind to a halt (or snail's pace at least; I usu check in twice a day, and the board's hardly shifted!)"

Well I wouldn't attribute the recent lull in activity here to my recent dip in posting. It just seems there hasn't been a whole lot to talk about here lately. Usually Mondays have a good amount of posts, yet there are very few today.

As for Cream, the 10/15/67 was indeed the best one I listened to. My 2nd favorite is actually the first recorded Cream show on 9/15/66. I was surprised at how listenable that recording is. I'm not done in my search though. During my "break" I spent a lot more time playing guitar than usual. I played pretty much every chance I had, instead of just listening to music.

I actually managed to tweak my settings to get the exact sound Clapton had in Cream and I've been having some fun with that. Maybe I'll upload a short clip. When I play along with a Cream song, my tone blends perfectly with Eric's. Although I usually turn the treble way down on the recording and play over Clapton's guitar (blasphemy, right?). I always found it pointless to try and copy a solo note for note. It's much more rewarding to play my own. I jack up the bass, lower the treble, and listen to Jack & Ginger as I make my own solo. Sorry to ramble. Good day to you Mr. Tell. I hope Santa has time to make it to the nursing homes this year :P